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FREE High Resolution Downloadable Photos from 2017 Dakota Five O! until December 3rd

Hi! Johnathan Karol, one of the Dakota Five O’ photographers here. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people that come out and Ride and spectate at the Dakota Five O! This was my sixth year helping take photos at the event.  It is great to see familiar faces and experience the “fun vibe”. Perry and Kristi Jewett and all the volunteers and community really do a great job.

Normally, share my photos on social media after the event. The quality facebook posts isn’t optimal for printing due to web compression. This year decided to allow “you” the participant to download a high quality version of your photo for you to save, print, and/or upload to your own social media profile .Really, do whatever you want as long as it is for noncommercial use. Anything for commercial use, give us a call: 605-519-5740 or send a quick message.

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Johnathan Karol


Fill out form below to receive access to High Resolution Photo downloads from 2017 Dakota Five 0!

If you would like to use any photos for Commercial  use (No-profit or For Profit) please contact: 605-519-5740
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