Website Design & Development

We provide quality graphic design services and want to help your business grow! A website is somewhat of a glorified business card online. If you order business cards and never take them out of the box, what good are they?  The same goes for a website. You get this awesome site created, and now it’s time to pass that out to your target audience so to speak.

Web development is important and we’re here to help every step of the way. Website design, graphic design, brand equity, web hosting, Dot Marketing does it all.

Custom Website Design.

Every site we build will provide a consistent experience that maintains your brand on all devices. The design changes at various points to optimize a range of screen sizes, which helps the user experience. Bottom line, no matter desktop, tablet, or mobile, your website will display properly.

We have developers that have the technical skill to provide you with custom programming tasks for your site.

We use a content management system or CMS to build our websites. The content management structure makes them easier to be crawled. We currently use WordPress because of its popularity. There are literally thousands of plugins that add functionality to sites. Also, running an online business often involves processes like connecting up databases, newsletters, payment gateways, event management and social media tools. WordPress easily manages 3rd party integration seamlessly. As more and more website designers use WordPress, more features are developed. The sky’s the limit for your site and your online business activities

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