About Us

We are a Rapid City marketing agency with a passion for helping businesses grow. To handle your digital marketing effectively, we develop a solid strategy for each client and then stick to that strategy.

What makes Dot Marketing and Web Design unique?

  • We provide top notch customer service by being easy to get a hold of, respond quickly, and get work done in a timely manner. You don’t need to check in with us, we will be checking in with you!
  • We stay up on all new technology in our field to ensure you are getting the most knowledgeable staff members working on your website.
  • We have an organizational system to help all sizes of businesses grow within digital marketing.

Angela Wolter-owner

Personal:  I have lived in the Black Hills for most of my life. Gained my first job experience after college in southern California at a fortune 500 company and then a growing publishing business.  In 1999 I became a business owner and have all those years experience in advertising, publishing, graphic design, web design and marketing.

I currently live in Piedmont with my husband, two teenage children, and yellow lab. I love living out of the city and being able to detach when I am not at work.

Education: Black Hills State University with a double major of Graphic Design and Physical Science with a minor in Physics.  And of course, continuous education weekly, its digital, always changing!

  • My Specialities: Client relations, organization skills, big-picture thinking, problem-solving skills, advanced design skills and being able to get along with others. I love thinking of creative things to help businesses grow. I’m excited for the opportunity to help that next new business that comes in my door, maybe it’s you!
  • Favorite Food: My morning drink packed full of fruit, vegetables, and seeds. A great start for my brain to get me thinking about marketing!
  • Hobbies: Hiking, biking, volleyball, gardening, pilates, bowling, board games, hanging out with my kids, and food is medicine.
  • What’s the Image On the Desktop Of Your Computer?: It’s just plain grey/blue color…kinda boring for a graphic artist.
  • What Are You Most Comfortable Wearing?: Jeans and a tank with some comfy sandals. Or jeans, sweater, boots, parka, scarf, mittens, hat, snow pants for those below zero days!

Johnathan Karol

I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I have 15+ years experience in the digital media and technology sector. Being a new father, I have a little over a year experience changing diapers.

Some of my technical experience ranges from…

  • Helping educational institutions leverage media technologies to enhance education.
  • Collaborating with area nonprofits institutions on media solutions that efficiently communicate there respective visions.
  • Servicing small businesses in a range of industries.
  • My Specialties: Photography, video production, technology and digital communication strategy, website and mobile app development.
  • Additional: Cofounded Black Hills Trails 501c3 nonprofit, a trail advocacy organization dedicated to connecting communities via trail in the Black Hills.
  • Hobbies: Trail running, making silly short films and helping at trail-related events, photography, changing my son’s diaper, herding Gabby (She’s a chubby goat, seriously.)
  • Favorite Food: Peanut butter and jelly. When I was a kid I would use bread for this tasty staple. Now that I have matured and am a little more cultured I like to wrap the ingredients in a non-GMO whole wheat tortilla and eat it while my pinky finger waves to the sky in a modified English Tea time fashion.

Jason Silver

Personal:  I am born and raised in Rapid City and am very proud to call this home for me and my family. My wife and I have two daughters and a crazy husky who keep us young and motivate us to play! We love to take advantage of the recreational opportunities right in our backyard. There is not many days we aren’t out in the fresh air.

Education: I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Colorado and have begun working on my Master of Business Administration.

  • My Specialties: I bring years of graphic and web design experience, along with a strong working knowledge of the social media landscape. My understanding of marketing from a consumer, sales representative and designer gives me a unique perspective of how to help our clients.
  • Favorite Food: Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t turn much down, but is there really anything better than pie? Whether it is lemon or apple or a fantastic pizza pie, so much variety and so much to love.
  • Hobbies: I love to be outside regardless of the season. I enjoy running, biking, kayaking, golf, skiing and snowshoeing just to name a few of the activities we do!
  • What’s The Image On The Desktop Of Your Computer?: I have a beautiful sunset on the Maroon Bells from my trip with my oldest daughter there. Colorado has always felt like a second home and I love my time in the mountains…and my daughter!

Alissa Jorgensen

I am a part time graphic artist at Dot Marketing and Web Design. I am currently working towards a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Mass Communication at Black Hills State University with a minor in Art and Psychology. I enjoy working at Dot because of the great learning environment for me as a student in order to gain more inside knowledge about website design and advanced ways to create websites.

  • My Specialties: I am a team player, a fast learner, and an efficient and organized worker.
  • Additional: I’m currently working on opening up an online shop in order to begin selling my art.
  • Favorite Food: I absolutely love seafood and Chinese food.
  • Hobbies: Drawing, character design, video games, writing, obsessing over anything cute.